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   Welcome to my world. I love history and am especially drawn to  medieval  Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and England. A great tale transports the reader through time and into an adventure. Of course, a sprinkle of mystery and magic kicks the drama up a notch. Dare to enter my lair and find the power of story.

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The time travel element, which popped us around to several different time periods, kept the pacing dizzy-fast. Gwynndolyn and Kryryn were compelling in any century and Richard is the scariest villain I've run across since Hannibal Lecter.


        ~ Author Jeanne Oates Estridge


 W I S E   W O R L D S  



  W ALES           

      I RELAND.         

        S COTLAND        

          E NGLAND             


"DRAGON'S LAIR is a fabulous read."

         ~New York Times Bestselling Author,                                             Virginia Henley


              COMING SOON              

       CLAN DESTINED!       


SATURDAY< SEPTEMBER  10, 2022. Book Signing, Books at the Beach on St Pete Beach 



“Rich storytelling and intriguing plot twists hooked me from page  one.

    Sexy romance with just the right amount of magic sprinkled in. Fans of                     Gabaldon will enjoy!”

                             — Elissa Wilds,

                             award winning author



The writing is delightfully equal parts romance, carefully researched historical details, and magical, mysterious quest. Treat yourself and pick up this wonderful story reminiscent of Gablaldon.


                                        ~ Amazon Reviewer



A love triangle repeated through the ages is at the heart of this smart, funny, sexy first novel. But if history class was this intriguing, we all would have paid a lot more attention in school... Well written and carefully researched, Faire Game introduces storyteller Lori Francis, and leaves her readers hoping that her next foray into Medieval fantasy is on its way soon!

                                            ~ Amazon reviewer

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