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 ... Death makes for strange bedfellows~


         Rann ua Galbraithe, warrior and clansman, plunges from a cliff

         toward imminent death…


         Until he wakes up in a foreign keep.


        Morgan, a marauder’s daughter seeks to protect her people by keeping her                  father’s death from her tyrant grandfather…


         Until a half-dead man wrapped in a soldier’s cloak, threatens everything she            holds dear.


         When The Dragon, an ancient order of assassins, enlists Morgan

         and Rann in a dangerous plot, the two quickly become

         pawns in a deadly game of kings and killers. One wrong move                 

          could cost them their hearts…or their lives.



  “Rich storytelling and intriguing plot twists hooked me from page  one.

    Sexy romance with just the right amount of magic sprinkled in. Fans of                     Gabaldon will enjoy!”

                                              —award winning author, Elissa Wilds



    “Dragon’s Lair is a fabulous read!”

                        —New York Times best-selling author, Virginia Henley


A tale of cursed lovers repeatedly reincarnated. Either they finally fulfill the prophecy, or die for all time.


Ancient druid-turned-mercenary, Khyryn of Powys, has loved one woman for two thousand years, and would claim her again if only Wynne Hailey remembered him. But the curse that causes her early demise in each lifetime, ensures he'll never 

forget her and guarantees she'll never remember him or their love. 


For Wynne to fulfill the foretold prophecy and break the curse, Khyryn must travel through time to the modern day faire and steal her away to the past. On a mission to clear her uncle's name, Wynne infiltrates the cast at a medieval faire to reclaim a stolen artifact. Instead, she discovers not all the characters at this faire are merely actors. One tries to kill her and another abducts her. 


Make-believe turns menacing when Wynne and Khyryn are forced to face destiny, desire, and the villain who wants themboth dead. In this game of love and war, all is fair...and deadly. 

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