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                About the Author

When she was three years old, Lori’s father plucked a thorn from a rose, licked the flat side, stuck it to her forehead and spoke the magical words, “Now, you’re a unicorn.” Thus, a bard was born.


From writing stories before she could spell, to writing and staging scripts in elementary school (when she wrote a  Batman scene, Catwoman got her Bat), to rewriting Dickens' Christmas Carol in  rhyme for a performance, Lori has spent her life telling stories, entertaining people with words, and studying stage and literature.


Originally from western Kentucky, Lori attended college in Chicago, where she studied English and Theatre. In 2000, when she decided that writing was her next path, she joined Romance Writers of America and found her local chapter, TARA. 

Lori has spent most of her adult life traveling to faires and fields throughout the  North America and the United Kingdom searching for all things historical and literary. She lives in Florida with her husband, her daughter who doubles as navigator on adventures, and several very spoiled pets.

She is a former TARA winner for Historical fiction, and a finalist for paranormal fiction. In  2015, she was nominated as a Golden Heart finalist for historical fiction. 

Her premiere novel Faire Game, published by Wild Rose Press, debuted in May, 2016.

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