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Listen to  the song that inspires my writing, click on the Albannach link!     >>>

The year is 1307.

    Fiona O’Clerigh has one desire—to find the clan and a family she has never known. The amulet she carries proves her connection to the Clan MacKinnon. The Miracle of Iona also identifies her as her grandfather’s heir.

     Aiden MacDonald, an agent for his father, secures a treasure that could help Robert the Bruce secure a kingdom when he agrees to help a young boy cross from Ireland to the shores of Scotland. The last thing he expects is the fiery young woman who invades his world and adds another piece to the game of kings with a prized piece of jewelry.

     When a plot against king and clan is discovered, Fiona and Aiden must choose carefully. One wrong move could cost them everything—kingdom, clan, and family.

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